Wednesday, December 10, 2008

16 things.

'Here are the 16 things that I have spent more than 16 hours thinking up. 16 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals.The deal is, if you read them, you should write 16 of your own. Maybe we will get to know each other better or maybe it will be cathartic?'

My sister tagged me with this on facebook but I though my blog was a better place for this list.

1. Since seventh grade, or perhaps before, I’ve been setting my alarm clock so the last digit is always a 3.
2. I will always remember the first time I met my nephew Sam as the moment that I realized that ‘Love at first sight’ could really happen.
3. I have a extremely hard time initiating communication. This translates to pretty bad phone anxiety. Calling anyone, except my sister, mom, dad, Mike, Courtney and Elizabeth, gives me at least a slight twinge of anxious butterflies in my stomach and sometimes makes me procrastinate phone calls (and even emails) a lot longer than is reasonable.
4. I’m as sure as you can be, that I will be with Mike for the rest of my life.
5. I enjoy making things; food, crafts, messes, it doesn’t really matter.
6. I have low self esteem in regards to my own intelligence. I am perpetually afraid to make mistakes because people might find out that I am not as smart as they think I am.
7. I am a big day dreamer. At any given time I have at least 3 fictitious scenarios playing out in my head.
8. If you ask me a direct question or for my opinion, I will give it to you (even if I don’t think you want to hear it). If you care enough to ask, I’ll tell you anything.
9. Spell check is truly the greatest thing to ever happen to me. If it weren’t for the red squiggly line telling me that a word is wrong, I wouldn’t be able to communicate and about 1/4 of all words in this post would be misspelled.
10. Hulu and full tv episodes on network websites have the potential to be my complete downfall.
11. Chips and dip are my kryptonite and UTZ sour cream and onion chips are my crack equivalent.
12. I’ve been told on multiple occasions that my brush stroke while brushing my teeth is ridiculously fast. But when I try to slow down, I feel like I’m not getting quite as clean.
13. I love earlobes and I always have. I find comfort in playing with them.
14. I am terrified of house fires and hate the sound of the any fire alarm. I can trace this fear directly to a video they made us watch in the 3rd grade where they showed a black screen and said ‘this is what you see in a fire’.
15. I love lattes, especially when Mike makes them, but I never drink the last sip.
16. I hate the feeling of being late, so I’m usually at least 5 minutes early for everything.


elizabeth said...

I changed it up a little: Here are 16 things, that I have spent more than 16 hours thinking up, that Abbie has taught me. Some of them are silly and some of them are serious, but all of them are true.

1. Earlobes (aka chinchillas) are fun, soft, and should be rubbed
2. I wish we could be real sisters, both with the last name Avett
3. Friendships can start with music
4. Tomatillos are fabulous
5. Be open with the world, and the world will be open with you
6. I love kjøttkaker and grønn ertestuing (had to look those up!), especially when they’re made by her mormor
7. I will never ever be able to pronounce Norwegian words by looking at them
8. Accordion music isn’t so bad after all (and the music videos are even better)
9. Glowing red spots the size of a pinhead can be so interesting
10. “Dominick the Donkey” is an actual Christmas song (and Mike really likes it!)
11. Singing songs from musicals in the rain is fun at any age
12. Above all, there is love. Never forget it and never take it for granted
13. I am as sure as you can be, that Abbie will be with Mike for the rest of her life
14. If you ask Abbie a direct question or for her opinion, she will give it to you (even if you don’t want to hear it).
15. Hei Norge!
16. Okay- I feel the need to end with a little cheese... Lifetime friendships can be made in the most unlikely of places (like engineering grad school), and Abbie has become a sister to me. Thank you for sharing yourself and your own family with me throughout the years!

The Common Daisy said...

you totally just made me cry at work! I love you!