Monday, March 2, 2009

Over it

Snow was once magical; it was powerful and mysterious. Snow could cause the world to stop or at least substantially slow down. The thought of impending snow had the ability to cancel school and clear grocery store shelves. I loved snow and welcomed it with open arms. As a child, and even a teen, I would even go as far as trying to invite snow to visit by wearing my pajamas inside out and backwards. The sight of snow made me giddy and made me feel as though anything could happen.

Not any more. Chicago has sucked away all of snow’s power and stripped away its magic. Snow is now just a nuisance, something that makes life more difficult and cold. Snow, I am so over you.

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david said...

A view from many decades about snow: It always has magic; it always brings back the wonder of childhood; from the window it paints joy; it's always there. It's just that we're not always there. Though I have to drive to it now, or watch the east coast wrestle with it on the TV, I still love it. Curse it as you grow old and it interfers with daily business but, trust me, the magic of it will always be there when you really need it.