Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Crafty

So the past month or so I've been flexing my fine motor skills by crocheting what seemed like a million potholders. This week I've finally stitched those potholders together to form a full afghan. I will admit that I'm pretty proud and impressed with the end product. Crafting, in general, brings me pleasure and a big sense of accomplishment.

The yarn dust is just starting to settle on this project and I am already trying to figure out what my next project should be. I'll admit that my reinvigorated interest in making 'things' is getting a little out of hand. Proof: I really want to buy a sewing machine, soon.

Well anyway, no crafting for me this upcoming week. I'm headed to Philadelphia tomorrow for a week long conference. I'll let you all know how the cheese steaks are when I get back.


Mike said...

I look forward to enjoying the fruits of your craftiness!

elizabeth said...

you're afghan looks quite lovely and quite snuggaly (aka koosaly). have fun in Phili :)

belleshpgrl said...

You should try beading. It's a little expensive but really satisfying to make something and then wear it or give it to someone as a gift and see them wear it. It's cool.

Courtney said...

You ARE crafty!! I'm so proud :) The afghan is beautiful. And I reccommend the sewing machine thing...I'm having a lot of fun with mine...even though I sometimes feel like an 82 year old woman ;)Happy crafting!